Rooftop Solar Installation and its Advantage

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With a combined experience of over 250 years and the successful management of 30 MW of solar energy projects, GSER offers the most efficient solutions.

Rooftop Solar Installation and its Advantage

Rooftop Solar

What Is a Solar Rooftop?

Solar rooftop is a solar panel installed on the roofs of buildings that are either commercial, institutional, or residential. The sun’s light energy is captured and transformed into electrical energy. The term solar rooftop photovoltaic system is another name for this configuration. It generates a clean, environmentally friendly source of energy, which means that it doesn’t generate any kind of pollution or dangerous gasses.

The global solar industry is poised to transform our planet into a safe and secure place to live. A rooftop solar system simply needs room and plenty of sunlight to function well, and on days when the sun is downcast, batteries stored in the panels can save the day.

Solar Rooftop in India

The rapid spread of solar panels installed on the roofs of homes, buildings, schools, government buildings, and even businesses, i.e. Solar panels for commercial use, solar panels for office buildings, and solar panels for homes, is indicative of India’s transition to affordable, dependable, and clean electricity.

One of the nations that has achieved the highest renewable energy generation is India. In India, renewable energy sources account for 35% of installed power generation capacity as of 2019, or 17% of the nation’s total electricity production.

Rooftop solar energy adoption is currently increasing in India. With a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 116% between 2012 and 2018, rooftop solar in India has been the fastest growing renewable energy sub-sector from a historically low base.

The World Bank is supporting grid-connected rooftop solar projects with US$625 million in order to help the Government of India reach its ambitious goal of 227 GW (it was previously 175 GW).

Advantages of Using Solar Rooftops

  • Cost Reduction: The financial savings that come with solar rooftop installation are one of its major advantages. Rooftop solar tariff quotes are 17% and 27% less expensive than industrial and commercial tariff rates, respectively. Industries using solar are sure to experience growth over the next few years because solar panel prices are on the decline.
  • Cuts Down on Carbon Footprint: From the very beginning of installing the rooftop panel to the electricity produced by PV cells, no health risks are present, and no gasses that trap heat and fuel global climate change are produced. In addition to not producing carbon dioxide, it also doesn’t produce any of the other hazardous pollutants or wastes connected with coal, such as sulfur dioxides, nitrogen oxides, or mercury.
  • Low Costs of Maintenance: Solar rooftop system is an economical option. It only needs periodic excellent cleaning and maintenance, which is not really a difficult operation. The average solar rooftop has a 25-year life expectancy, making the investment worthwhile. Basically, there are no significant expenses. We have a system, called asset management technology, that keeps track of the maintenance and health of your solar panels. If there is ever a problem, you will be informed right away.
  • Decrease in Electricity Costs: Your electricity expense can be reduced by installing solar panels on roof for your home or place of business. Homes around the nation are powered by coal, oil, and natural gas when using a typical electricity connection. You may save money and protect the environment by having solar panels installed on the roof of your house. Of course, every home is different and has a varied need for solar panels. 
  • Adaptable to the Indian Climate: Our nation is geographically positioned in such a way that it receives plenty of tropical sunlight. India boasts some of the best solar energy harvesting conditions in the world because of its nearly 300 sunny, clear days per year.
  • Installation doesn’t require any additional room: The concept is both workable and sustainable because the system is installed on the rooftops of business or residential buildings (as is obvious from the name!). Additionally, having a solar rooftop system installed will raise a home’s market value, which is a benefit!
  • Government Assistance: The 5% tax rate applies to solar rooftop systems. If one excludes the 0% tax band, it is the most alluring tax rate that the government provides. One of the few products in India that are exempt from this low tax bracket is this one.
  • This investment is safe: The price of electricity is always changing. Therefore, it is challenging to estimate the cost of electricity over a specific time period. On the other hand, it is simple to estimate the cost of power produced when it comes to electricity produced by solar rooftops. In reality, it is possible to estimate how much it will cost to produce electricity in another 10 years. This makes it a safe investment.
  • It widens the availability of energy: Even though India’s power shortage is steadily improving, many people still lack sufficient and dependable access to electricity in both urban and rural locations. These folks must use substitutes, like diesel generators. These alternatives have detrimental consequences on one’s health and have unstable running expenses. Solar energy can provide a cheap source of electricity in this situation.

Rooftop solar panels are growing in popularity as a means of producing electricity. With home solar, industrial solar rooftop and commercial rooftop solar solutions, you can even go solar and save money and the environment. You can have a renewable source of power supply at a low cost with careful planning and system execution.


GSE Renewables is one of the leading solar rooftop companies dedicated to facilitating investment in clean and sustainable renewable energy projects for businesses in India. GSE Renewables uses epc solar, epc renewables, and a turnkey end-to-end approach to address industry difficulties and strengthen the ecosystem of offtaker-investors. GSE Renewables provides the most effective solutions, solar panels at affordable solar rooftop cost, and offers maintenance services for solar systems with a combined expertise of more than 250 years and the successful administration of 30 MW of solar energy firms.


There are many benefits to installing a solar system on your home or business. Here’s our list of the most important advantages of solar energy to keep in mind:

  • Solar reduces (and sometimes eliminates) electric bills
  • Solar panels improve the value of your home
  • Going solar reduces your carbon emissions
  • A solar installation protects against rising energy costs
  • You can earn money back on your solar investment
  • Solar is a versatile energy source
  • You can often “sell” solar energy back to the grid
  • Solar is a low maintenance energy source

Rooftop solar refers to a photovoltaic system in which the solar panels that generate power are positioned on the roof of a home or business building or structure. These systems are photovoltaic modules, mounting systems, wires, solar inverters, and numerous electrical accessories. Megawatt-range capacity ground-mounted photovoltaic power plants are far larger than rooftop-mounted systems. Rooftop PV systems on residential buildings normally have a capacity between 5 and 20 kilowatts (kW), but those on commercial buildings typically have a capacity of 100 kW or more.

There are many advantages associated with installing grid connected rooftop solar PV power plants. Some of them are: 

  • It does not incur expensive maintenance costs.
  •  It aids in reducing electricity use by harnessing the sun’s energy. 
  • It is easy to install. The PV system connected to the grid has a short gestation period.
  • It operates without emitting damaging carbon dioxide. Unlike other forms of solar systems, the majority of grid-connected PV systems do not require additional batteries and are therefore less expensive.
  • A grid-connected PV solar system can be put on a roof with no additional land required. It’s quite reliable.
  • In addition to supplying the major energy source for residences, this system can also be utilized in commercial and industrial settings, as well as educational institutions.

For more details on PV power plant installation, contact GSE Renewables right away!

The five main advantages of solar are as discussed below:

  • Source of Renewable Energy: The most significant advantage of solar panels is that solar energy is a genuinely renewable energy source. It is available everywhere in the world and can be exploited every day.
  • Reduces electricity expenses: Since you will be fulfilling a portion of your energy needs with solar-generated electricity, your energy bills will decrease. The amount you save on your utility bill will depend on the size of your solar system and the amount of power or heat you consume.
  • Diverse Utilizations: Solar energy has a variety of applications. You can create heat or electricity (photovoltaics) (solar thermal). In places that don’t have access to the energy grid, solar energy can be used to make electricity, distill water in places that don’t have enough clean water, and power satellites in space. Solar energy can also be incorporated into the building components.
  • Low Costs for Maintenance: Solar energy systems require minimal maintenance on average. You only need to maintain them somewhat clean, so a few cleanings each year will be enough.
  • Technological Advancement: The solar power sector’s technology is continually evolving, and advancements will accelerate in the future. Quantum physics and nanotechnology innovations could make solar panels work better and double or even triple the amount of electricity that solar power systems produce.

For more information, feel free to get in touch with us!

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