Why Renewables ?


In India, renewable energy contributes about 17% of the electricity produced in the country, and the production hit a compound annual growth rate of 19.78% between 2014 and 2018. The overall generation at pan India level has increased to 9.46% in 2020.

The capacity addition in FY20 will be primarily driven by the solar power segment. Renewable energy in India opens up a world of opportunities and has given rise to an ecosystem of production and investment.

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Highest scope to improve carbon emissions and improve its image in the world and in reality as a polluting country 

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Country with one of the highest irradiation and very suitable for solar power


Strong political agenda to reduce its carbon emission intensity - emission per unit of GDP - By 33%-35% from 2005 levels over 15 years

renewable energy

Strong National Targets for Renewable Energies: 100 gigawatt from solar, 60 gigawatt from wind, 10 gigawatt from biomass & 5 gigawatt from small hydropower by 2022 


International and domestic commitments of 266 GW of solar, wind, mini hydel and biomass-based power in India over the next decade. Expected investment of $310 billion - $350 billion


One of the highest per capita growth in power consumption. Strong urban area demographic growth. Very high growth rates in electricity consumption in urban areas

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