Nippon Paint India Pvt Ltd


The brand Nippon Paint is a wholly Singaporean and Japanese subsidiary of Nippon based in Japan. It is a leading paint manufacturer in the world. Their range of water-based paints with no lead and mercury, and near-zero VOC coatings are evident for their commitment to the environment. 

With their belief in enhancing life through innovations – to deliver perfection in products but also protect the world we live in, the client was keen to use green energy and be sustainable in the long run. 


The location of the plant being near Mumbai, the construction and installation of the plant became a massive challenge due to heavy rainfall. Also, the client’s need for the highest international standards of safety policy required extra structure for mounting installations and one of the most unique HSE plans to be adhered to during execution. Executing the project in time was impossible with the weather conditions and local needs. 


With strict deadline and working around the clock, our operations team executed the project in time. From material delivery at the site to connection of different arrays with LT panel of each building. The team worked out innovative engineering solutions to keep progress on track and complete the project as scheduled.

GSE exhibited ingenuity, commitment and hard work to overcome all the challenges that threatened the timely completion of the project. 


With project executed under OPEX model, client is saving approximately 30% of the variable grid cost of electricity. The client is one step closer to sustainable future with reduction in carbon emissions by metric tonnes. As the Director Mr. Hardev says ” It was a dream come true for him”


  • Client : Nippon Paint India Pvt Ltd
  • Size : 549.12 kWp
  • Trees Saved : 17568
  • Type of Project : Metal Sheet
  • Client Savings : 23 Lakhs Annually
  • Location : Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • Carbon Emissions Avoided : 1771 metric tonnes
  • Date of Commissioning : January, 2019
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