Birla Eductaion Trust


Birla Education Trust, Pilani (BET) is one of the oldest trusts of the country, active with the sole purpose of education to young minds. Established in 1929, today five schools and country’s first science and technology museum are running under their roof. 


BET campus majorly consists of historic buildings with old electric system arrangements. This was a challenge for insertion of new age solar system into the existing system. Since there was one transformer present for a widespread system cable routing was another challenge. Also, Rajasthan being the area with high wind speeds, higher structural stability was needed. Non availability of proper ladder to the roof was also one of the challenges.


To ensure the safety of the long cable routing, after every inverter one breaker was installed. Stronger structure was installed to withstand heavy wind loads. Project was executed within given time frame.


Client is saving on electricity costs by 30%. Apart from serving the society through education, client is adding its part towards sustainable future as well.


  • Client : Birla Education Trust
  • Size : 237 kWp
  • Trees Saved : 7584
  • Type of Project : OPEX - Boot
  • Client Savings : 26 Lakhs Annually
  • Location : Pilani, Rajasthan
  • Date of Commissioning : January, 2019
  • Carbon Emissions Avoided : 766 metric tonnes
  • Type of Project : Rooftop RCC behind the meter
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