Helvoet Rubber & Plastic Technologies Pvt Ltd


The client is a global manufacturer and development partner at high precision products, with 75-year-old business. Their global sales is more than 1 billion per year. The client was keen on reduction in carbon footprint from its plants.


The building infrastructure was dated with historic SLD and layout with outdated LT panels and evacuation systems. This posed safety hazards due to instability during execution. GSE was expected to come up with a unique way to develop a plant that would be safe and commercial. 


GSE worked on the project with MSEB to come up with a solution which was technologically superior, safe as well as commercially viable. It used a certain process of systematic engineering to out do the historic electrical infrastructure in the old building that the client housed and install a viable solar plant.

The plant was designed and executed in 3 months flat while there were regulatory hurdles surrounding the execution. From day one the client has created the saving of amount 26 lakhs annually.


This solution helped both client and owner giving client freedom of choice to become the owner of the solar plant after the tenure. This helped reduce client’s dependence on grid and diesel power by 30% and 30-40% savings on its electricity bills were observed. The client also enjoys Green Status due to the same.


  • Client : Helvoet Rubber & Plastic Technologies Pvt Ltd
  • Size : 571.34 kWp
  • Trees Saved : 18272
  • Type of Project : BOOT RCC
  • Client Savings : 26 Lakhs Annually
  • Location : Pune, Maharashtra
  • Carbon Emissions Avoided : 1842 metric tonnes
  • Date of Commissioning : September, 2017
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